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In House Microsoft Excel VBA Training Course

Microsoft Excel VBA Training Course


Microsoft Excel VBA Training CourseThis 2 day Microsoft Excel VBA course is for experienced Excel users wanting to automate repetitive tasks by applying the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language.

Course delegates must have completed Excel Advanced level training or have equivalent experience prior to attending this training course.


The course is intended for advanced users of Microsoft Excel who want to write VBA code to save time by streamlining and automate repetitive tasks. Course delegates must have completed Excel Advanced level training or have equivalent experience prior to attending this training course.




Versions: 2003, 2010, 2013

Course Type: In- House, Instructor led.

Duration: 1 day

Certificate: Certificate of completion


Course Outline 

Getting Started Controlling Program Execution
Introducing Visual Basic for Applications Using the If...End If Decision Structures
Recording, Running & Saving a Macro Using the Select Case...End Select Structure
Understanding the Development Environment Using the Do...Loop Structure
Understanding Macro Security Using the For...To...Next Structure
  Using the For Each...Next Structure
Procedures and Functions  
Creating a Standard Module Working with Forms and Controls
Creating a Sub Procedure Understanding UserForms
Creating a Function Procedure Using the Toolbox
Working with the Code Editor Working with UserForm Properties, Events, and Methods
Using Message Boxes Understanding Controls
Using Input Boxes Setting Control Properties in the Properties Window
  Adding Code to Controls
Using Expressions, Variables, and Functions Launching a Form in Code
Understanding Expressions and Statements  
Declaring Variables Debugging Code
Understanding Data Types Understanding Errors
Working with Variable Scope Using Debugging Tools
Using Intrinsic Functions Setting Breakpoints
Understanding Constants Stepping through Code
Declaring and Using Object Variables Using Break Mode during Run mode
  Determining the Value of Expressions
Understanding Objects  
Understanding Objects Handling Errors
Understanding Collections Understanding Error Handling
Using the Object Browser Understanding VBA’s Error Trapping Options
Working with Object Methods & Properties Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
  Understanding the Err Object
  Writing an Error-Handling Routine
  Working with Inline Error Handling


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