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Microsoft SharePoint Designer

Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses

This Microsoft SharePoint Design training course will teach delegates the essentials of working with SharePoint Designer 2013. This one day course covers home pages, site pages, versions, lists, libraries, workflows, and site security.


The course begins with delegates learning how to download and install SharePoint Designer 2013, open it, and open a site with it.  They are also shown how to use the Navigation Pane, browse site objects, and close the program. Next, delegateswill learn how to pin, rename, and delete objects; use the breadcrumb trail; and use object tabs.


In the next section of the Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course, delegates will learn how to define the parts of a home page, change the title and description of the home page, change the home page itself, change site settings, and change the site’s theme. By the end of this section, delegates will  know how to create HTML and ASPX pages; save a page as a template; and create, attach, detach, and reset master pages.


Delegates will learn about using versions by checking out and checking in a page, viewing version history, and restoring a past version. 


This SharePoint Designer training course continues with looking at SharePoint lists, including how to create lists, add columns to lists, create libraries, edit the settings page for a list or library, and delete lists and libraries. Delegates will learn how to modify site columns, create new columns, rename and delete columns, and push changes to the server.


SharePoint workflows streamline and automate a wide variety of business processes — from collecting signatures, feedback, or approvals for a plan or document. They re designed to save you time and effort and to bring consistency and efficiency to tasks that you perform on a regular basis. This SharePoint Designer training course, delegates will learn about creating workflows, adding conditions and actions, adding steps and impersonation steps, saving a workflow, checking a workflow for errors, and publishing it.


The delegates on this course will also learn how to reset a site, create a blank site, create a site from a template, create a subsite, and delete a site.  how to use the Permissions tab, how to edit permissions for a site or page, and how to add and delete users. They will learn how to edit permissions for a site or page and how to add and delete users.



Versions: 2010, 2013



Course Type: In- House, Instructor led.


Duration: 1 day


Certificate: Certificate of completion


Course Content



Module 1: The Basics
Downloading and Installing SharePoint Designer 2013
Opening SharePoint Designer 2013
Opening a Site
Using the Navigation Pane
Browsing Site Objects
Closing SharePoint Designer 2013


Module 2: Working with Site Objects
Pinning Objects
Renaming Objects
Deleting Objects
Using the Breadcrumb Trail
Using Object Tabs

Module 3: Editing Site Objects
Opening Site Objects
Saving Changes to the Page
Refreshing the Page
Previewing the Page

Module 4: Modifying the Home Page
Overview of the Home Page
Changing the Title and Description
Changing the Home Page
Changing Site Settings
Changing the Site Theme

Module 5: Creating Site Pages
Creating HTML Pages
Creating ASPX Pages
Saving a Page as a Template
Creating Master Pages
Attaching and Detaching Master Pages
Resetting Master Pages

Module 6: Using Versions
Checking Out a Page
Checking In a Page
Viewing Version History
Restoring a Past Version
Undoing a Checkout




Module 7: Creating Lists and Libraries
Creating Lists
Adding Columns to Lists
Creating Libraries
Editing the Settings Page
Deleting Lists and Libraries

Module 8: Customizing Site Columns
Modifying Site Columns
Creating a New Column
Renaming and Deleting Columns
Applying Your Changes

Module 9: Creating Workflows
Creating a Workflow
Adding Conditions and Actions
About Steps
About Impersonation Steps
Saving the Workflow
Checking a Workflow for Errors and Publishing It

Module 10: Creating and Modifying Sites
Resetting a Site
Creating a Site from a Template
Creating a Blank Site
Creating a Subsite
Deleting a Site

Module 11: Managing Site Security
Overview of Roles and Permissions
Using the Permissions Tab
Editing Permissions for a Site or Page
Adding Users
Deleting Users

Module 12: Customizing the Interface
Expanding and Collapsing the Ribbon
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
Resetting Interface Changes


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