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Microsoft SharePoint End User

Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses

The Microsoft SharePoint End User Course begins with delegates understading what SharePoint is, its system requirements and the SharePoint home page. Students are also shown how to open a SharePoint site.


Delegates will learn to add users, create apps, and add a project summary. They will learn to modify the site’s appearance and change the look of a site as well as how to customise the title, description, and logo. Delegates will also learn how to edit the links in the Quick Launch pane and how to remove the “Get Started” tiles.

Delegates are shown how to create a new library and add items to a library. They are also shown how to customise library views and settings, and how to delete a library, how to move and rename items, use tags and notes and how to share and delete items.


The SharePoint End user training course will shows delegates how to create a task list, create tasks, view task options and delete tasks. They will also learn how to search tasks, mark them as complete, view completed tasks, add tasks to the timeline, change date display on the timeline, and view tasks as a calendar.

The 'Managing Site Content' section of the course will show delegates how to view site contents, workflows, and site settings. delegates will also learn how to use the Recycle Bin to view and restore deleted items.


Course attendees will learn how to edit pages, edit page properties, view page history, and delete a page, as well as using the Site Pages gallery, changing the home page, viewing incoming links, popularity trends, and usage reports.

You can be notified by an alert when a SharePoint document, item, or library has been modified. Delegates are shown in this module how to create a basic alert, manage alerts, create a custom alert and delete alerts.


Versions: 2003, 2010, 2013



Course Type: In- House, Instructor led.


Duration: 1 day


Certificate: Certificate of completion


Course Content


Module 1: Getting Started with SharePoint Server
What is SharePoint Server?
System Requirements
Opening a SharePoint Site
Understanding the Home Page


Module 2: Configuring Your Site
Adding Users
Creating Apps
Adding a Project Summary
Focusing on Content


Module 3: Customizing Your Site
Changing the Look of Your Site
Customizing the Title, Description, and Logo
Editing the Quick Launch Pane Links
Removing the “Get Started” Tiles


Module 4: Creating Libraries
Creating a New Library
Adding Items to a Library
Customizing Library Views
Customizing Library Settings
Deleting a Library


Module 5: Working with Libraries
Moving Items
Renaming Items
Using Tags and Notes
Sharing Items
Deleting Items


Module 6: Creating a Project Summary
Creating a Task List
Creating Tasks
Viewing Task Options
Deleting Tasks




Module 7: Working with the Project Summary

Searching Tasks
Completing Tasks and Viewing Completed Items
Adding Tasks to the Timeline
Changing Date Display on the Timeline
Viewing Tasks as a Calendar


Module 8: Managing Site Content
Viewing Site Contents
Viewing Workflows
Viewing Site Settings
Using the Recycle Bin


Module 9: Modifying Pages
Editing Pages
Editing Page Properties
Viewing Page History
Deleting a Page


Module 10: Advanced Customization Tasks
Using the Site Pages Gallery
Changing the Home Page
Viewing Incoming Links
Viewing Popularity Trends and Usage Reports


Module 11: Creating and Managing Alerts
Creating a Basic Alert
Managing Alerts
Creating a Custom Alert
Deleting Alerts


Module 12: Configuring Permissions
Sharing the Page
Viewing Page Permissions
Creating Groups
Granting Permissions
Modifying Permission Levels
Checking Permissions for a User or Group


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