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Microsoft Project 2013 Introduction

Microsoft Project Training Courses

Work on projects more effectively by using Microsoft Project to plan, schedule, track & communicate information within you organisation or team. This 1 day Microsoft Project 2013 Introduction course covers topics such as setting up a project, scheduling work, managing resources, creating a timeline, managing tasks, working with deadlines and constraints, working with data, creating reports, adding the finishing touches, printing, and sharing.


Delegates will learn to enter project information, set working time, choose between automatic or manual scheduling, enter tasks, and enter resources. They will learn to organise tasks into phases, how to link, unlink, and move tasks, and how to reschedule, split, and delete tasks.


Resources are a critical part of any project.  Delegates are shown how to enter resources, use the Resource Information dialog, assign resources to tasks, and remove and replace resource assignments. Delegates will learn to show and hide the timeline, how to customize timeline tasks, how to change fonts for individual items, how to modify global text styles, and how to copy the timeline.


The course als  covers working with project tasks.  Topics include creating recurring tasks, importing tasks from Microsoft Outlook, inactivating tasks, updating task completion, and updating a project as a whole.Delegates will understand how to use the Task Information dialog, change the task calendar, use lag and lead time, and create milestones. They will also be shown how to set deadlines and create constraints. and also how to create a built-in report or create a report from scratch.


 Course Type: In- House, Instructor led.


Duration: 1 day


Certificate: Certificate of completion


Course Content


Module 1: The Basics
Opening Project
Using the Welcome Project
Creating a New Project
Signing In
Saving a Project
Opening a Project


Module 2: Setting Up a Project
Entering Project Information
Setting Working Time
Choosing Automatic or Manual Scheduling
Entering Tasks


Module 3: Scheduling Work
Organizing Tasks into Phases
Linking and Unlinking Tasks
Moving Tasks
Rescheduling Tasks
Splitting Tasks
Deleting Tasks


Module 4: Managing Resources
Entering Resources
Using the Resource Information Dialog
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Removing and Replacing Resource Assignments


Module 5: Creating a Timeline
Showing and Hiding the Timeline
Customizing Timeline Tasks
Changing the Font for Individual Timeline Items
Modifying Global Text Styles
Copying the Timeline


Module 6: Managing Tasks
Creating Recurring Tasks
Importing Outlook Tasks
Inactivating Tasks
Updating Task Completion
Updating the Project


Module 7: Working with Deadlines and Constraints
Using the Task Information Dialog
Changing the Task Calendar
Using Lag and Lead Time
Creating Milestones
Setting Deadlines
Creating Constraints


Module 8: Working with Data
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Highlighting Data
Grouping Data
Outlining Data


Module 9: Creating Reports
Creating a Built-In Report
Creating a Dashboard
Creating a Report from Scratch
Creating a Visual Report


Module 10: The Finishing Touches
Viewing the Entire Project
Checking Your Spelling
Running the Task Inspector
Applying a Gantt Chart Style
Highlighting Critical, Slack, or Late Tasks


Module 11: Printing and Sharing Your Project
Saving a Project as PDF or XPS
Exporting a Project as an Excel Workbook
Printing a Project
E-mailing a Project


Module 12: Customizing the Interface
Collapsing and Expanding the Ribbon
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
Resetting Interface Changes


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