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Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training Course

Microsoft  Excel Training Courses

This Microsoft Excel Intermediate training course is intended for individuals who are self taught and wish to formalise and expand their knowledge of Excel or for those who have completed the Excel Introduction course and wish to increase their skills. The course will show you how to use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently, working with more advanced formatting options including styles, themes & backgrounds and watermarks.


You will also learn how manage an Excel database including sorting, filtering and creating subtotals. You will learn to simplify formulas by creating and applying cell names as well as applying advanced charting techniques


This course package includes free Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Microsoft Excel  using Gmetrix testing software to assess training  requirements. For more details,  call us 0161 408 0435.


Course Type: In- House, Instructor led.


Duration: 1 day


Target Audience

The target student for this course should be comfortable using a personal computer and Microsoft Windows . You should have some experience using Microsoft Excel, preferably our Microsoft Excel Introduction Training Course.


Course Content


(Content may vary depending on software version)


Module 1: Advanced Formula Tasks
Understanding Relative and Absolute Cell References
Using Multiple Cell References
Using 3D References
Using Array Formulas


Module 2: Working with Named Ranges
Understanding Named Ranges
Defining Named Ranges
Editing Named Ranges
Deleting Named Ranges
Using Named Ranges in Formulas


Module 3: Using Advanced Functions
Using the PMT Function
Using the FV Function
Using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Functions
Using IF, AND, OR Functions


Module 4: Sorting, Outlining and Grouping Data
Using Sort and Filter
Outlining Data
Showing and Hiding Outline Details
Grouping Data
Creating Subtotals
Removing Outlining and Grouping
Advanced Filtering


Module 5: Managing Data
Consolidating Information
Removing Duplicates
Configuring Data Validation
Transposing Data
Converting Text to Columns


Module 6: Charting Data
Creating Sparklines
Inserting Charts
Create a combination chart with a secondary axis
Add a Trend or Moving Average Line


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