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Microsoft Access Introduction Training Course

Microsoft Access Training Courses

On this Microsoft Access training course you will learn basic functions and features of Microsoft Access . You will learn to create databases, work with tables, fields, and records, sort and filter data, create queries, forms, and reports.



Target Audience

The target student for this course should be comfortable using a personal computer and Microsoft Windows . You should have little or no experience using Microsoft Access or any other database program. You will get the most out of this course if your goal is to become proficient in using Microsoft Access to create simple databases


This course package includes free Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Microsoft Access  using Gmetrix testing software to assess training  requirements. For more details, see our TNA page or call us 0161 408 0435.



Versions: 2007, 2010, 2013


Course Type: In- House, Instructor led.


Duration: 1 day


Certificate: Certificate of completion



Course Contents


Introduction to Databases

Database Concepts

Flat file Database Vs Relational Database

Database Layout

Launching Access

The Access Tab System

Getting Help

Creating a New Database

Creating Databases Using Templates

Opening A Database




Creating Tables in the Datasheet View

Creating Tables in the Design View

Data Entry & Data Types

Setting a Single-Field Primary Key

Field Properties

The Input Mask

Entering and Editing Data

Selecting Records

Deleting Records

Moving and Copying Records

Pasting Records

  Working with Tables
Sorting Fields in Tables
Deleting a Table
Table Layout Changes
Freezing and Unfreezing Columns
Modifying Table Structure (Fields)
Find & Replace
Modifying Table Data

Select Queries
The Simple Query Wizard:
The Design View
Modifying the Query
Using Basic Criteria
Additional Criteria
Multiple Table Queries
Custom Calculations in a Query
Grouping Fields

Introducing Reports
The Report Wizard

Introduction to Forms
Manipulating Data in the Form
Creating A New Form
Using the Form Wizard
Creating A Form With A Subform
Modifying And Redesigning The Form.


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