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Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training Course

Adobe Illustrator Introduction Training Course

Adobe Illustrator software has become the design tool of choice for anyone who needs to create visual content for  in print, web  and other media. This Adobe Illustrator Advanced training course provides an overview of the software interface, it's tools & features as well as tricks and tips for using Illustrator .





Course Type: In- House, Instructor led.


Duration: 1 day


Certificate: Certificate of completion


Course Content


Working with layers
Creating layers
Moving objects and layers
Locking layers
Viewing layers
Pasting layers
Creating clipping masks
Merging layers
Applying appearance attributes to layers
Isolating layers
Working with perspective drawing
Understanding perspective
Understanding the perspective grid
Working with the perspective grid
Using a preset grid
Editing the perspective grid
Drawing objects in perspective
Selecting and transforming objects in perspective
Attaching objects to perspective
Editing planes and objects together
Adding and editing text in perspective
Working with symbols in perspective
Adding symbols to the perspective grid
Transforming symbols in perspective
Release content from perspective


Blending colours and shapes
Working with gradients
Creating and applying a linear gradient
Adjusting the direction and angle of a gradient blend
Creating a radial gradient
Changing colours and adjusting the gradient
Applying gradients to multiple objects
Adding transparency to gradients
Working with blended objects
Creating a blend with specified steps
Modifying the blend
Creating smooth colour blends


Working with brushes
Working with brushes
Using calligraphic brushes
Editing a brush
Using a fill colour with brushes
Remove a brush stroke
Using art brushes
Drawing with the paintbrush tool
Editing paths with the paintbrush tool
Create an art brush
Edit an art brush
Using bristle brushes
Changing bristle brush options
Painting with a bristle brush
Using pattern brushes
Creating a pattern brush
Applying a pattern brush
Changing the colour attributes of brushes
Changing a brush colour using tints colorization
Changing the brush colour using hue shift colorization
Working with the blob brush tool
Drawing with the blob brush tool
Merging paths with the blob brush tool
Editing with the eraser tool


Applying effects
Using live effects
Applying an effect
Editing an effect
Styling text with effects
Editing shapes with a pathfinder effect
Offsetting paths
Applying a photoshop effect
Working with a 3d effect
Creating a revolved object
Changing the lighting of a 3d object
Mapping a symbol to the 3d artwork
Applying appearance attributes and graphic styles
Using appearance attributes
Editing and adding appearance attributes
Reordering appearance attributes
Adding an additional stroke and fill
Using graphic styles
Creating and saving a graphic style
Applying a graphic style to an object
Applying a graphic style to a layer
Applying existing graphic styles
Adding to an existing graphic style
Applying an appearance to a layer
Copying, applying, and removing graphic styles


Working with symbols
Working with symbols
Using existing illustrator symbol libraries
Creating symbols
Editing a symbol
Breaking a link to a symbol
Replacing symbols
Renaming symbols
Working with the symbolism tools
Spraying symbol instances
Editing symbols with the symbolism tools
Copy and edit symbol sets
Storing and retrieving artwork in the symbols panel
Mapping a symbol to 3d artwork
Symbols and flash integration


Combining illustrator cs5 graphics with other adobe applications
Working with adobe bridge
Combining artwork
Vector versus bitmap graphics
Placing adobe photoshop files
Placing a photoshop file
Duplicating and editing a placed image
Embed a photoshop image with layer comps
Applying colour edits to a placed image
Masking an image
Applying a clipping mask to an image
Editing a mask
Masking an object with multiple shapes
Release a mask
Creating an opacity mask
Sampling colours in placed images
Replacing a placed, linked image
Exporting a layered file to photoshop
Illustrator and adobe indesign
Illustrator and adobe flash
Illustrator and adobe flash catalyst
Illustrator and Adobe Flex

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